1. Where can I use Natural Stone?
Natural Stone can be used external, internal, cladding, bathroom wall and floor, kitchen bench top, fire place, columns, driveway, footpath, stairs, shopping centres, commercial and residential projects.

2. Is there a difference between the natural stones?
Yes. Granite & Quartz is harder than Marble, and Marble is harder than Limestone. 

3. What natural stone can be used on kitchen top or vanity top?
Any Natural stone can be used on kitchen top or any top. Highly recommended Granite or Quartz. Marble it’s ok, but be prefer to be Honed Finish or Leather Finish. (If Polished Marble it could have problem damaging the Polish).

4. How can I protect my natural stone?
You can protect your Natural Stone by applying penetrated sealer or wax depends where you have used the Stone. (You can contact one of our consultants for assistance or you can ask your professional Stone Mason).

5. Do I need a professional stonemason to install my natural stone?
Natural Stone always must be prepared and installed by a professional Stonemason. They have to be qualified & licensed.

6. Does natural stone crack?
Normally Natural Stones doesn’t crack. Cracks could happen from wrong installation, floor & wall movement or using non quality & defect Stone. (There is some beautiful Marble & Onyx have some vein need to be clean & resin so can be easy to manufactured).   

7. Can natural stone be used around swimming pools, public areas?
Yes. We recommend seeking advice from your own professional stonemasons or installers in what finish can be used. (Flamed, Sandblast, Bush Hammer, Honed Finish). 

8. Do we have Marble and Granite in Australia or where does it come from?
Yes we have Marble and Granite in Australia. We also source it from all around the world and every country can supply us in a variety of different colours and quality.

9. What range of thickness can we get?
Natural Stone can be from 10mm up to wherever thickness is required. Normally they use for kitchen top or other tops 2cm or 3cm or Fake look 10cm (Mitre Joint).

10. What colours are available in natural stone?
We have a huge variety of colours to choose from in Marble and Granite slabs and tiles. We recommend visiting us and if there is a special request it can be ordered & will take from 6 to 10 weeks.

11. Can I have a sample?
Yes. But we recommend that you look at the full slabs of Natural Stone to see the variation in the colour to make sure that you happy with it and you have made the right choice.

12. If Im building my house or want to do my kitchen top, can you help?
Yes we can help you and provide you with the best advice and right information for what Stone you can use for any projects you have – big or small!

It’s our pleaser to serve you and look after your order. We will do our best to give you the right advice. Our director has been in this business for more than 40 years and with our partners from all around the world. We hope to see you soon in our showroom, where you can personally view all of our Natural Stone.